Doctor we love you

Cinchana, 5th Standard.

Dear Doctor, It's really very nice to have someone you can reach out to, when you are in need. A timely gesture from you has left an everlasting impression on me – Thanks a lot – God bless your family .

Dr. P Eswaian,Chennai.

Doctor is talented and having work consciousness. Please keep it up …

Mrs Shobha,Bangalore.

I have interacted with him 3 year back with acute dental problem. He has given good medication such as In planting of my two tooth and filling of my rest of tooth. Now regularly twice in year I am meeting him. He is very good in his profession.

H R Bharath Bhushan,Bangalore.

Dr Arun Kumar is a good professional doctor. I have been interacting with him for last 10 years; found him one of the very best and genuine in his profession. He suggests the very needy treatment and not there only for money.

Prasad Hegde,Bangalore.

Dr Arun Kumar a great dentist, so homely – coming to his clinic gives so much pleasure. Relieving pain in a easy way. Loving and caring, concern to all. I along with all members of my family enjoy coming S V Dental Clinic. He runs the clinic in a beautiful way. I tell my daughter (Who is also a dentist) to take him as a roll model and run the clinic. I wish him all the success in his life.

B Kandasamy,Bangalore.

Beautiful ambience, background music, colorful clinic. It dose not look like a hospital, I feel very comfortable here. Nice interior. Excellent service, advance equipments, very kind hearted doctors. So many things I have learnt from you. Thank you so much.

D Kanitha,Bangalore.

I had never been to a dentist in my 30 years of life. Dr Arun Kumar is my first dentist and I am honored to have him as my dentist. Both Mr & Mrs Arun Kumar have been very kind, hospitable & friendly throughout my consultation with them. Whichever pace of the world I am I would still consider Dr Kumar's as my personal dentist, wishing you all the best, until next time – best regards – Guru.

Guru Prasad Nagaraj,Bangalore.